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Why education is important:

Education is a fundamental necessity for any modern society. To survive in today’s world, one must have knowledge about how to live in harmony with nature and the environment. In order to do this, one must first become educated. Education provides us with the skills required to be successful in our lives and the community we live in. As well as providing people with opportunities to achieve their goals, education empowers them to make a difference in the world around them. Education is therefore a powerful tool for change.

Moving on to the next topic, have you ever thought about which is the best country to get educated in? Here are a few names; check them out.

USA :-

Most people need some kind of education. So they get it. But what about those who have no money? Or those who don’t even want to go to school? What if we take a look at the developed countries and compare them with their counterparts in the developing ones? I mean, which country has the best system of education in terms of quality? And where do they stand among each other?


In the world’s largest city-state, everything just works smoothly. No matter how big or small an issue might be, things always seem to run pretty well. There are very few instances where citizens complain about any of these issues. This is due to the fact that Singaporeans receive a high standard of education from the time they start school until they graduate. Almost 95% of students achieve a perfect score (A+) in their SPM examinations, the highest grade attainable, whereas the average national pass rate for the same exam is only 73%. One of the major reasons Singapore was ranked as the best place to study in Asia was its high student retention rate. A whopping 90% of students stay in school until graduation. Also, more than half of Singaporean schools offer free tuition for primary school students. High school fees range between $9000 and $14,000 per year, which is about $0.09 to $0.15/hour.

South Korea :-

South Korean education is regarded as one of the best around the globe. Many people know that education in South Korea is freely provided to everyone. From kindergarten up until university level, students enjoy free public education. Any student can attend any public school, regardless of income levels or status of residence. Students pay nothing for room and board, nor do they pay anything for books and supplies. Furthermore, almost one third of South Korean adults have received higher education degrees. Not only does this make the residents highly intelligent, but it also makes them well versed in science and technology. Moreover, many top companies recruit job applicants after having met them at universities. Another great thing about South Korean education is that upwards of 80% of pupils score perfectly in their exams. This means that many kids never encounter difficulties while studying. However, some critics argue that the competition in South Korea is extremely high and that this pushes children to work harder.

Australia :-

As opposed to other countries like New Zealand, Australia provides excellent educational facilities to its citizens. If you’re looking for something different, Australia is the right choice. Their education system offers a lot of variety in terms of courses. Tertiary education, especially university studies, is affordable, with fees ranging anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 AUD ($6500-$16000). Even though tertiary education is expensive, the standard of education is excellent. According to recent statistics, over 99% of Australians aged 15 to 19 were enrolled in either a full-time or part-time course. Additionally, the literacy rate for teenagers is above 96%, which is higher than the rest of the OECD.


Many people view German education as subpar, particularly when compared to Australian education. But Germans actually lead the way in education, as they learn at a younger age than others. More than 50% of teachers in Germany have postgraduate qualifications, which is more than double the percentage in England. In addition, teachers hold regular meetings, seminars, and conferences to improve their skills and knowledge. Overall, the education system in Germany is considered one of the best worldwide. On average, students spend less than 8 hours per day studying. After classes, students have lots of spare time to engage themselves socially. Furthermore, only 3% of students drop out before completing the 12th grade.


India has made remarkable progress since independence. Today, the literacy rate stands at 74%, which is comparable to rates in developed countries. The government spends 6.5% of GDP annually on education. This is more than twice the amount spent in China and the United States. In addition, approximately 40 million children are enrolled in private schools. Despite widespread poverty across the nation, India’s economy is booming. Since the 1980s, the Indian outsourcing industry has grown to become the second largest in the world. Still, there is so much potential to further advance education. Only 7% of schools in rural regions have electricity. Additionally, less than 1% of students complete high school and college.

In the upcoming time, there will be many degrees that will be more in demand. We’ve handpicked a few; check them out below.

1. Human Resources

2. Nursing

3. Engineering

4. Business

5. Advertising and marketing

6. Pharmacology

7. Cyber security

8. Economics

9. Data Science

10. Construction Management


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