SEO Competitor Analysis: Complete Guide Free 2023


In this blog post we are going to discuss what is competitor analysis? How is competitor analysis done? To do this competitor analysis we are going to use two methods which will be very useful for you to analyze your competitors. One method is “Manual Method” and another method is by using the free tool available in Google. These two methods we are going to see in more detail. For example, if you are doing your business online, whoever is ranked in google by their products and other features are your competitors.

Why are we doing competitor Analysis?

It is in the way of analyzing the complete website by the help of search engines Google Search Console and analyzing the complete website and learning why they are ranking well is called as the competitor analysis. By doing this we can optimize our website more clearly and make our website to even rank more well on Google or Other search engines and, we can beat our competitor as well. Come let’s see all those things in more detail.

Basic Steps to follow for Competitor Analysis:

1. Identify your top 10 competitors.

2. Title Tag

3. Meta Description

4. Meta Keywords

5. Headings 

6. Alt Attribute

7. Keyword consistency

8. Link analysis

9. URL Structure

10. Google Preview

Finding Your Top 10 Competitors:

Step:1 – Go to Google. And after that search your Keyword in the search box. For more clearance (Search like how your competitors will search) sometimes google only will provide you some more searching suggestions in the drop-down menu.


And first google will show all the business pages what is related to that specific keyword. You can see more websites at the bottom for example: Wikipedia, No-broker, Just-Dial, Quora, Urban company all these are main websites who will rank on top of the google. To say frankly we cannot beat this person and come top to google because they will have high domain authority and page authority will be higher.

So it will be a bit difficult for us to beat them. In case if you are having a classified website, if you want to optimize that you can surely beat those websites and can come top. If you scroll a bit down, you can see more blog posts on the bottom of the page.

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So, you can see all these people are ranked organically on google for these keywords. From here you must segregate the TOP 10 Competitors. Why must we consider them as a competitor? It is because only if we beat them, we can come on Top and rank well on Google.

Title Tags:

Once you list out your top 10 competitors then you must analyze and check how they have optimized their titles and tags in their blog post. So that it will help you to get some ideas on how to make a good title and tags for ranking in google.

To know this, open any website and just place your cursor on the top of the tab. You can find out what title and tags they have used for the specific content.

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If you didn’t find the full title tags don’t worry just go to the Center of the page and right click Give View Page Source” give CTRL+F and search for “Title”→ You can find out the Tag what they used for the ranking on google. 

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So, there are many factors as well how they rank high on Google. We are going to see one by one in this blog post. Now likewise you take and analyze for all top 10 websites which you have segregated, by comparing this you are going to put your website title and Tag.

Meta Description:

In search engines, if you are searching for your keyword in results, you will get the tab at the bottom of the title that is nothing but the Meta Description of the blog post. This will also play a major role in ranking your website higher in google. 

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First on the above image, you can see the URL of the website, then comes the Title tags and the meta description. Your user will first see the Title Tag and then he or she might read the below two lines meta description. So, you have to optimize this description more clearly and correctly. If you include your primary keyword in that Meta description, then you may have chances to get good ranking as well and you can get better performance from this. You must separately maintain your competitor’s meta description.

Meta keywords:

These Meta keywords you can keep as an optional. In search engines appearance mostly, they won’t consider this Meta keyword. But if your competitors are older by 4 to 5 years, they might have a chance to use the Meta keywords. At that time you need to identify the Meta keywords from their websites. To Find out that You can Go click right click→ View Page source → Type “Keyword” → results you get will be the Meta keywords for that particular website. Then you search the keywords that they have used in their website so that you will get some ideas on how they rank top on google.


In your 10 competitors list, you should take and create a separate list for “H2 “and “H3″headings, In that you can check out what type of keyword optimization they have done for their website. This is very important to analyze the competitor website more clearly.

Alt Attribute:

This is also very important. Since Search Engine Cannot read your images used on the website. If you use Alt Text and enter your primary keyword, then the search engine will decide this keyword belongs to the specific topic. Now if your user searches the keyword which you have provided in the Alt Text, they may have a chance to find the images which you used in your website. So, Alt Attribute should be their compulsory. So, find out what types of Alt attributes your competitor has used in their website. Will See how we can find out those:

Step:1 – Enter the website where you must find out the Alt attribute text. And Give right click → “Inspect “by clicking on the image.

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On the bottom you can see the alts in the tab, where they have provided the specific keyword for that image. Likewise, you can take Alt text from their website. If you take this Alt text and search in google there may be lots of chances to display this image for this keyword.

Keyword Consistency:

This is like how many times you have used your primary keywords in your websites. For example, Go to your competitor website and search the primary keyword that they have used and find out many times it is appearing in their blog post. Take the count and keep it separate. Because they used those many times as their keyword which helps them to come topper on the search results. So, we have to follow the same in our website as well to make our website rank top on google search results.

In this link analysis, we must check how their internal links and external links are set up in their website. To analyze this, we are having Free Tools available outside. If we do it manually it will consume more time for us to identify such links in their website.

URL Structure:

In URL Structure Domain name is common. But after the domain names some certain services names or products name will be available, we need to checkout in our competitor website how they have set up. We should check whether they have included their keywords or only the services. It is very important to know the URL Structure.

Google Preview:

In this Google preview, you must check how your competitor’s websites are displaying in Google Search results. How to find out this? 

Step:1– Go to google search → Type: Site:”” → there you can see how the website is displayed on the Google preview. You can see how many pages have been ranked in google as well.

If you do all these things in a manual way, it is very time consuming and it will take lots of time to complete. Because to find the title, meta description, keywords will take more time to analyze and it will take longer. There are many paid tools available in google, where your work will be done very easily without any struggle. Now I am going to tell you about the free SEO tool which will help you to analyze all this information within a second. It is completely FREE!

Free Automation SEO Tool:

Click the link “Free SEO Tool” You will be redirected to the Free SEO Tool website you can use all the unlimited free tools that we have discussed above. In that free tool you will get all the features like you can compare your ‘s and your competitor website and get the result very quickly in this website.


In this blog post, you have learnt about the more interesting part of SEO which is How to do an SEO Competitive Analysis for SEO? Our website focuses mainly on complete business ideas which will help to boost your website. Do check out more blog posts available on our website.

Thank You! Have a Good day!

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