How to use google my business to gain customers?


Hello Guys, in this blog post we are going to learn about the How to use google my business to gain million customers? Before entering into the topic you have to do some quick changes into yours google my business profile. We have mentioned some great tips in this blog post. Let’s get started.

Everyone knows about Google. Since it is a largest searching platform and also it is the most visited website by large number of audience. An interesting fact is this site owns about 92% of search engine share, you may think this seems to be high. Yes, it is very high. So, creating a google my business profile is very much important to gain more number of audience for our business purpose.

Brief about Google Business profile:

Google Business Profile is a super tool which is found by google, and it is used for free business listing. In this tool we can provide the details of our business contact number, business details, our locations and services which we are going to provide.

Benefits of creating this profile will help our business to grow and if people searching any info related to our business, our business profile may come in Google Search Results, Google Shopping and Google Maps etc. This tool will help our business to engage with more audience. If you are completely doing online business, then you can take a look at google AdSense for earning money.

Importance of having Google My Business Account:

If you are looking for a good number of audience from the website traffic, then having google my business profile will be useful. Since there are lots of customers used to search millions of things in google search, so in some-case if you are having a business account in google related to your mobile shop or your restaurant. If any person searches related to the keywords “Mobile Shop near me “or “Best restaurant near me “, Google will track the searching person location and if your shop comes in nearby location it will suggest to the customer. So by this way you can get more number for customers. And also Google my business profile improves local SEO.

importance of having google my business account

Gain more audience in Google Reviews:

Always every people mind-set will be depending on other people mind-set. Since this ways reviews will help. Getting a review from our customer is very much important because it will help us to gain more customers from outside and everyone can give their own reviews depending on how they feel from our business and also start rating can be provided. It will help future customers to decide which on we have to choose and which is better.

We may think what will happen if customer gives negative feedback, don’t get worried if you get negative feedback since everyone mind-set will not be same, all people will have different mind-set So google will see their reviews and take it as a point and make sure you are giving them a proper feedback. So that it will help in better understanding. Always if you get any feedback from customer or any reviews try to respond them will valid answer to make them engaged with your business. It will help you to gain more customer for your business as well.

How to setup a Google Business Profile:

Step: 1 – Sign in to your Google Business Profile

If you are already signed in with yours google account then, google business will be automatically logged in. If you want another separate account for business, try to log out and sign in with the account which you required.

Step: 2 – Add Your Business in Google

Enter your Type of business name in the search box. If your business option is not available in dropdown, then you can select “Add Your business to Google” and Enter manually your business name and Business Category.

Add your business in google
add google my business

Step: 3 – Add your location for your store or Office

It will ask you the question whether you want to add a location customer can visit, like store or office. It will help your customer to show your business location in google map when they search. Select “Yes” or “No” it depends on your wish. Select accordingly.

add your location for your store

Step – 4: Fill the Contact information

You have to mandatory fill the contact information with the required information what they have asked there. Since it will help for our customer to connect and engage with us more easily. And also if you have website with you enter the website link in the provide tab or if you don’t have website check-in I don’t have a website.

fill the contact information

Stay in the know, while creating the google business profile it will ask you want to updates and recommendations for your business on google. Enter “Yes” it will help to recommend your business in google.

After selecting the required option, click next and wait for some-time it will take up sometime to load. After that it will show you the verify option.

Step: 5 – Verify your business:

Enter your real address, not a post office box. This information asking from you is to verify your business and it won’t be displayed in your business profile or it will never share with the public.

verify your business

Then you will be receiving the five-digit code, enter it and click verify or verify business.

verify google my business

And clicking verify, you will get the confirmation screen showing your verified. After the Click next in the screen.

Step: 6 – Customize your profile

After the you have to customize your profile by entering the business hours, uploading the original photos, business description and messaging preferences. When you’re ready, you can click continue and you will be there in the business profile Manager dashboard.

If you want to determines local search ranking on google you have to see these three factors: Relevance, Distance and Prominence.

You have to complete all elements of your profile. Most of the customer will like 2.9 times your business if your business profile is complete. And another important fact is they will like to visit your location 65% possibilities are more.

Add real images and videos of your business this will help your customer to know more about your business site and it will give them more attraction to engage with you. And the main thing is you have to include keywords in your profile to make your business profile top on search results. But make you’re not to spam with more irrelevant keywords.


In this blog post you have learnt about How to use google my business to gain million customers. If you like this please make sure to share this with your friends and family and if you have any doubts or queries, make sure to ask in comment section below. I will provide you with quick response. Thanks!

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