How parent should takecare a newborn baby?

Hello Friends, hope you are doing well and great. Becoming a parent for the first time will be very exciting and happiest moment in the life. We will have the most important responsibilities is to take care of the new born baby. Most of the people will say it will be very tough and it is a scary thing but if you follow this blog you will be sure know how to take care a new born baby. In this blog post, we will go over some of the key things you need to know that your baby is in good health condition, safe and happy. Come let’s get started.

Feeding a new born baby: We need to feed the new born baby very frequently, it should be every 2-3 hours. Breastmilk is the very good option for the new born baby because it will have a sufficient to provide a good nutrient and also there will be many antibodies present in the milk, these antibodies will protect the baby from the dangerous infections. In some cases, if the mother couldn’t provide the breastmilk for the baby then there is a good alternative method. We need to see that our baby is latching on correctly and getting enough to eat. How you can find your baby is getting enough milk is by seeing babies wet and dirty diapers. New born baby should have at least 6 to 8 wet and we need to be changing 3-4 dirty diapers per day.

Sleep: Sleep is very important for everyone. And it applies to New born babies also, babies need to sleep a lot for around 16-17 hours per day. While making them sleep, they should be placed on their backs to sleep to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And also it is very important for the parents to create a very safe environment for the baby to sleep. The place should be in flat surface and keeping the baby’s sleep area free of any soft objects.

Diapering: We need to change the diapers for the new born babies frequently, usually every 2-3 hours. It is very important for us to clean our area regularly, frequently and dry to prevent diaper rash. You need to use the soft fragrance-free baby wipe and a very gently diaper cream if your baby develops a rash. Diapering change is very must for the new born babies to keep them in a good state.

Bathing and Caring: Most of the parents will make this mistake, that they will make their baby bath regularly but it shouldn’t be done. Newborns do not need to be bathed daily. It is recommended for the parent to wait until the umbilical cord stumps falls off before making the baby to take bath. Until then we shouldn’t make the baby to take bath instead we can use sponge bath with the warm damp cloth is very much good method to keep your baby clean rather than making he or she to take a bath. Umbilical cord will typically fall off within the 1-2 weeks after the birth of the baby. Until it falls, we should not make a baby to get bath. If we done it, baby will be in very extreme bad condition, so need to be careful in that.

Soothing: Caring the baby’s is the way of communicating and it is very important to respond to their cries. We can try different soothing technique to keep the baby in happy state such as rocking, singing, and gently bouncing until you find what works for you baby. A pacifier can also be used on a baby to soothe a fussy baby.

Conclusion: Caring a new born baby can seem overwhelming, but it can be done with the little bit of patience and practice, if you try all these things with the patience soon you will become a good expert on that and also be caution to take care of yourself as well and please don’t hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician, friends or other family members for getting their support and the guidance from them. Hope you will get some good knowledge after reading this post. Kindly check our other related post in our website which will help for you as well. Thanks!

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