What is Technology and Why it is Important?

In this blog post we are going to learn about what is technology and why it is important in daily life. Come Let’s get started.

What is Technology:-

In order to understand what technology is, we need to consider its definition first. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, technology is defined as “the application of scientific knowledge, especially mathematics and engineering”. In essence, it means anything applied science based in order to create something useful. And, of course, there is no doubt that technology has played a significant role in our lives. From the simplest tools like hammers and shovels to more complex devices like computers and smartphones, technology has helped us achieve many things. However, just because technology is good doesn’t mean it’s always a smart choice. Here are some examples of how technology can backfire.

1. Technology Makes Us Lazy

The truth about technology is that it gives us everything we want right now without any work. You could have a smartphone that lets you browse the internet at lightning speed while texting people simultaneously. But if you don’t use your time wisely while using these gadgets, they would only become useless.

2. We Are Getting Lazy Because Of Technology

There are times where we spend countless hours glued to our laptops or phones, not even realizing that we have been working hard. According to a recent study, people who constantly check their phone or laptop while sitting down have less brain activity than those who do not. Therefore, it is essential that we learn how to manage our time effectively and live a balanced lifestyle.

3. Technology Is Making People Sick

Technology is known to be useful and helpful, but there are also side effects that came along with it. Many people are suffering from depression due to social isolation. As a result, more people tend to turn to video games and other online activities rather than human interaction.

4. Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology has radically changed our lifestyles. Today, we can communicate with anyone around the world instantly. There are also medical advancements that allow us to keep ourselves alive even after accidents. Nevertheless, despite the great advantages it provides, it can also pose serious threats to our safety. A recent survey showed that Americans own almost 20 different mobile devices, and that number is likely to increase as more people opt for tablets and smartphones instead of traditional desktop PCs.

5. Technology Can Be Used To Harm Society

Sometimes, technological advances do not benefit society at all. Take nuclear power for example. While it may seem like an obvious choice to produce electricity using nuclear reactors, there was a time when this seemed like an ideal solution. Unfortunately, nuclear reactors can cause harmful radiation emissions that can lead to cancer and mutations.

Why technology is important in  Today’s Life:-

When I was younger I always thought tech was something that only adults use. However, nowadays technology is becoming more prominent in our daily lives. Everyday we have devices that help us with our work, study and just relax. In today’s world where everyone has a smartphone, people need to find ways to keep their smartphones running smoothly. Many people do not know what they need to look after their phones to ensure that they last longer and do not get damaged. If you want to learn how to take care of your mobile phone then read on!

 If you have a lot of apps on your phone, you may be damaging it. You should remove any unnecessary applications, especially games and music players. These apps require a lot of battery power and if you have too many on your phone, they will drain your battery faster than normal. It is best to switch off your device when not using it, otherwise it will cause damage. An old battery may be causing problems or the screen could be broken. Your phone is a high-cost item, so make sure that it is being looked after properly.

 You should clean out your phone regularly. Put it in some warm water with a little bit of dishwashing liquid to loosen the dirt build-up. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush away the debris before rinsing the phone well. Do not leave the handset in the sink, or it could become damaged. When cleaning your phone, don’t forget to check the back and underside of your device as these might be difficult parts of the phone to reach.

 Keep your phone away from liquids. If your phone gets wet, the moisture will damage the LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. Make sure that you place it in a safe area when taking pictures, watching videos, or playing games. A damp phone can make your battery run out quicker. Always carry your mobile phone in a case, and store it in a dry environment.

 Do not leave your phone charging overnight. Try to avoid putting it on charge while you sleep or lie down, as doing so will shorten the lifespan of your battery. Only put your phone on charge when it is fully charged.

 Don’t open up your phone every time you receive a text message. The vibration feature offers automatic alerts, so turn it off to save on battery power. Don’t let someone else touch your phone either; they may accidentally change certain settings.

 Make sure that you protect your phone from getting dirty. Dust particles will scratch the surface of your phone, which will eventually wear it out. Keep your phone clean by wiping off the outside with a cloth. You can also wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

 Your phone requires regular maintenance to remain in good working order. Doing the above tips will ensure you get the most from your expensive gadget.

What are the Major types of Technology:-

1) Greenhouse technology:

This refers to the cultivation of crops in controlled environments using artificial light. This type of greenhouse technology includes automated climate control systems, lights that work with timers and sensors, and computerized irrigation systems. It uses heating and cooling systems to regulate temperature inside the structure. This technology is widely used in commercial settings, but it’s also becoming popular with home growers.

 2) Hydroponic technology:

This method of growing plants is done without the use of soil. Instead, water is pumped directly to the roots of the plant. This system requires less maintenance than traditional methods, but it does not provide natural conditions for the plant. This technique can be expensive, but it gives a consistent quality product.

 3) Aeroponics:

Also known as air-curing, this method of growing plants uses misting systems to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the root zone. Plants are grown in trays or pots filled with growing medium. Air is pulled through the tray or pot via a fan, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the roots of the plants. This method offers consistency, but it does not produce the same high-quality results as traditional methods.

 4) Soil-less technology:

Growing plants in a soil-free environment means no soil is added to the growing medium. Growers do add some kind of substrate material to the container, but this substrate is composed of different materials than soil. In fact, many people call it “grow medium.” These substrates vary greatly depending on what they are trying to cultivate. Some examples include rockwool, coir fiber, vermiculite, perlite, expanded clay pellets, peat moss, composted bark, and wood chips. Many of these products are designed specifically to help the plant receive optimal levels of moisture and nutrients.

 5) Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA):

CEA is more commonly referred to as open-field agriculture. This method of growing vegetables and fruits relies heavily on sunlight for energy. Sunlight provides the majority of our energy needs, but we cannot always rely on it. When the sun goes down, the lighting becomes necessary. CEA incorporates both the use of solar power and electricity. This method varies from greenhouse growing in that it does not require constant monitoring of environmental factors. However, it is still dependent on them, just to a much smaller degree than greenhouse growing. CEA works well for small farms and large-scale operations alike.


In this blog post you might have learnt about the what is technology and why it is important in daily life. If you have any doubts or queries, let me know in the comments section below. I will help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks !

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