What Is Off-Page SEO? A Strategy Guide


Today in this blog post we are going to discuss What is Off Page SEO? Why do we have to do it on our website? What will happen if we do this off page seo. And also by using this off page SEO our website ranking is also improved. Will see it one by one in this blog post. I will be sure after the end of this blog post you might have some set of knowledge regarding the Off Page Seo and its benefits.

Explanation of Off Page Seo:

Off Page Seo is the process of making a high quality backlinks for our website. This is the long time process we have to acquire backlinks for our website from authorized websites and social media. By doing this our Domain Authority will be increased. And our website ranking can also be increased by doing this method. This is called the Off Page Seo. If we create more backlinks we can get more traffic also. If we generate DO Follow links from the higher authority domains then our website will go top to the search results, so that everyone can find our blog post in the google search result and as well as other search engines also.

Domain Authority:

If you are getting a new domain, your domain ranking will start from the 1. The search engine will see how old that domain is from the time of purchase, How many posts you have created on the website. Then how much traffic received for our websites. These are the key factors where our domain authority is determined. When Google search engine crawls each and each time it will check how many backlinks you have created on your website. So that the search engine can understand that it can boost up this post to a higher level depending upon the higher level backlinks. And make sure that if you are creating the backlink for your website it should be related to your content or blog post. If it is irrelevant then google search engine won’t help us to rank higher and it will create a negative result. If we do like this we can get a good domain authority but we won’t generate that much traffic. So, while creating the backlinks create relevantly.

This Link Popularity in the term refers to the website. In this off page seo this link popularity is very important because it will generate the most traffic to our website from the popular site. If we provide the backlink to the low popular domain, we won’t receive that much traffic to our website. This is the case where we have to choose the high level popularity domain for our backlinks. For example: If there are two websites with the same level of SEO, the site with higher link popularity will be ranked higher than the others. Mainly in this case they will see the link popularity and decide who to rank higher.

Do Follow links tells the Search Engine to give the SEO value to the links. Boosting the page rank and helping them go higher in the SERP.

The below is the basic example how the do follow link look like:

 <a href=”https://aptoides.com”>Off Page SEO</a>

No Follow links tells the Search Engine that not to follow that link. Only those links can be followed by humans.

The below is the basic example how the No follow link look like:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://aptoides.com”>Off Page SEO</a>

Using Chrome extension Plugin:

Step-1 : Open Google Chrome and Type the website you want to analyze.

YZA7W3V2xuyFAHHIjBAOX5 qSr7fDJs2C68C2LZZtJ8JdlCYua Lwz1LJ9DWzE39hhNLUOxw3mHF2pPOeQVq4r36odsd5y X79nWXKpSaGzhQBQfsB0QJ9 njENnb8bOKKl2aKvaXzUpeRHQ9S4ckaw

Step:2 – Install one plugin in Google Chrome – MOZ BAR plugin, it will easily shows you how many Do follow link or No follow links are used in the website.

May8fOqQREwf7O kbRNMYuSYZU4XhYVbze jQw4Kp1r0TbIbALJLBPWBiqkJxMM mWdt1YttPzhuICnKgyWL3iYBfOmLUsmXeI6U 3At9Z7Ua98jPqj4 TpVrZASizwsK02U HTL9jbIDvGkIURE1e0

In this you have many options and if you click on the findings it will take you to the search link where they used Do follow and where they used No Follow links.

Without installing plugin:

We can also find the do follow and No follow links without installing the MOZ BAR.

Step:1 – Go to the browser and search the blog post which you want to find the links.

Step:2- Right click and give view page source.

n2ygy0BQGsT1isBkxAlRSDyvGBchD8MHlVl971kkPBBvWMX C FTuWxVqyGR36OdgXCk45DRdupt6Kh9KOdlE5w

Step-3: Press CTRL+F and TYPE – “ No Follow “, if any No Follow links were linked in the website then it will be highlighted.

lySAZYxp3cV3hBmmbEbtIDJawLWpV4rzlkyb3OAIsx2dloh l9tCnKcTY5jG12O35r Ph61qSKduCeEOI10imIr4mLaai8Z9poyDFor

Things Can be done in the Off Page SEO:

The below mentioned are the few checklist points for the Off Page SEO:

1. Article Submission

2. Blog Submission

3. Social Bookmark

4. Guest posting

5. Comment posting

6. PPT Submission

7. Video Submission

8. Info-Graphic Submission

9. Image Submission

10. Forum Submission

11. RSS Feed Submission

12. Press Release Submission

In the next blog post we are going to see each one by one in detail and then will discuss it


In this blog post, you have learnt about What is off page seo? Why is it used? How to search Off Page Seo? In other websites. We hope all the content that we discussed in today’s blog post is very useful and helpful for you. Do check out our blog post on the way.

Thank You! For your patience for reading our blog post. Have a Fantastic Day!

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