3 Best Email Marketing Services LookingLion: Full Guide Free

Hello Guys! Hope you all are doing well and great. In this blog post we are going to check out the “The 3 Best Email Marketing Services LookingLion – Full Guide Free”. We are going to know more about the content in detail. Come let’s get started.


Email marketing is a very Good way for us to interact with our customers and audience! You can talk to lots of people and make them happy with your messages. If you want to make sure your email campaigns make it work, then you must have the right tools and services. It’s very important for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers! In this blog we’re going to talk about three super cool email marketing tools that are totally free!

LookingLion: An Overview

LookingLion is a very good tool which is developed specially for the email marketers! It will help big and small businesses and make awesome emails that people will love. And it is really easy to use, we can do many things from that, and help you figure out how to make your emails better. This LookingLion has free and paid plans, but today we are going to see about the Free Tools.

Important Note: Currently when access the Lookinglion.net website it is not accessible, and we are receiving an error notification like “Server Can’t be reached” We may not know the current status for this tools. Hope you can find out still what are the tools it was available there and different types of email marketing tools.

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The Top 3 Best Email Marketing Services LookingLion’s : Free Version

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor:

LookingLion’s Drag-and-Drop Email Editor makes things very easy for the technical and non-technical person, even little kids can make a cool emails without being too hard. You can make really cool newsletters and emails super fast with lots of different designs to choose from! The editor is super cool! You can add pictures, make words look fancy, put buttons, and you can personalise your emails as well.

Contact Management and Segmentation

For Targeting the market campaign we need to manage our email contacts very effectively.

Managing email contacts is important for sending correct emails to the right people! LookingLion’s free version has an ability to keep track of your friends and put them into groups. You can put your friends in different groups based on things like how much they buy or how much they talk to you. This enables you to send personalised emails to specific groups, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Automation and Autoresponders

If we need to say about Automation it is the track changer for everyone! It helps you to save your time and make some personalised experiences for your subscribers. LookingLion’s free version has autoresponders and other basic automation things in it. You can make emails that say hi, thank you, or keep sending more, when people do things. This will help you to build a Good relationship with them for business development.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

To make your email marketing strategy even better, LookingLion’s free version helps you to keep track of important information like how many people opened your emails, how many people clicked on your links, and how many people bought from your link. This information will help you figure out what’s good and what needs fixing, so you can work even more to make it better and to get the perfect results.

Additional Free Email Marketing Services

LookingLion is great, Current Lookinglion.net is facing some problem and we couldn’t able to access it, but maybe we should check out other free email marketing services that provide you with the better features. Here’s are the two options that you need to think about:

Mailchimp Free Plan:

Mailchimp is a Free plan! By using this plan, Lots of people are sending emails. Even if you’re just starting now, you can use this Mailchimp for free and it has lots of benefits to help your business. With Mailchimp’s free plan, you can make beautiful emails, essential campaigns can be automated, and by using this you can manage up to 2,000 friends. It is also providing the basic analytics features as well.

Sendinblue Free Plan:

If you see another tool, Sendinblue it is also the most powerful tool for email marketing. With the help of this free plan we can send the mails up to 300 per day. It has email design tools, contact management, and marketing automation. You will get the basic access for the analytics.

Constant Contact Free Plan:

Constant Contact is very interesting! They are doing email marketing for businesses and they even have a free plan! You can make professional emails with Constant Contact’s free Plan! You will be having a good editor you can just drag and drop for editing. You can have up to 500 friends on that and you are able to send around 3,500 emails every month! It helps you keep in touch with people, sort them into groups, and see how well your messages are doing.

Benchmark Email Free Plan:

Benchmark Email is cool for businesses who want a free email marketing tool. You can make pretty good business emails with Benchmark Email’s free plan! You just drag and drop stuff to make it look good. You can have up to 500 friends on your list and send them up to 500 emails every month. The free plan has features like easy automation, list management, and tracking tools to make your email marketing better!

Steps to Choose the Right Email Marketing Tools and Services:

When you are selecting the Email Marketing Tools and Services for your business, you need to keep in mind the below things which will help you in choosing the right Email Marketing Tools.

Features and Functionality: 

We need to check all the tools for their features and then need to choose from which is best. While coming into features and functionality you need to keep in mind about the email editors, automation abilities, contact management and analytics tools.


Need to check the tools whether it can handle the large number of audience because in case in future if our business grows to higher level and we gained more amount of audience then there should be flexibility because if that specific tool cannot handle our bulk amount of fan base then again we need to shift to another tool, so it’s very important to check and analyse before entering into the email marketing tool.


We need to check the tool whether it is easily accessible and whether we can make any corrections if needed. The interface of the email marketing tool should be very clean, easy to navigate to the analytics sections and it should be fast in performance.

Deliverability and Compliance:

Before choosing your tools you need to verify that their service has a strong deliverability rate and check that they are following the rules and regulations such as compliance CAN-SPAM and GDPR. And make sure to ensure that your sending emails are going to the recipient box.

24/ hrs Customer Support:

If you face any issues or constraints in the tools then you need to ask the customer service to resolve that issue. For that, customer service should need to respond as soon as possible to rectify the issue. And it is very important for us to notice this before working on any tools.

Best Practices for Successful Email Marketing:

If you want to succeed in Email marketing then you do follow the below mentioned steps to be a successful Email Marketer.

Build a Quality Email List:

You should focus on the people’s engagement and build a quality email list. What you can do is “You can put the pop-up forms on your website so that your audience can fill up those forms and they can be engaged with you.

Personalise Your Emails:

You can personalise your emails with the recipient names, locations, special offers. Personalization will help in increasing the Click-through-rates and clicks.

Segment Your Audience:

You can send the highly required information by segmenting the email list based on the locations, activities and interest. This helps you to build your relationship with the correct audience for your business.

Optimise for Mobile Devices:

You need to check whether your mails can be viewed on a mobile phone in the correct format. And check whether it is mobile user-friendly or not. You can use the responsive template and view it in mobile view before sending the mails to your audience. It is good to make a self review to verify everything is correct or not.

Test and Iterate: 

Always try to send emails in different formats for example: layouts, images, styles, call-to-action and send times to make it more attractive for your audience and find out what your audience likes from that and what you learned from testing will help your next campaigns better. 


In this blog post you have learnt about the multiple things about the email marketing services. And do check out our business blog posts which will help you to grow your business. Try all the methods which were provided in this blog post regarding the email marketing, you will be successful if you implement all these things in your work. Thank You! Have a nice day! 

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