How to recover a Suspended or Disabled Google My Business Page: Free Guide 2023


Hello guys! In this blog post we are going to see about the How to Fix the suspended/disabled Google my business page. Recently many business owners are saying that their Google business accounts are getting disabled for many reasons. We are going to see why our Google my business accounts are disabling and suspended in Google. If you follow all the guidelines that we are providing and re-initiate to Google, you can easily get the suspended account active. If you have made any small mistakes also Google will suspend your account or disable it.

Process to follow Google Business Page Suspended or Disabled:

Step:1 – Open your G-mail account, there you will see the mail which you received from Google regarding the page suspension.

Step:2 – They might have provided you with 2 different links, one is “Guidelines for representing your business on Google “and another one is “reinstatement. This reinstatement is nothing but following all the guidelines which you have not followed before. You can modify your Google my business page and apply for the reinstatement, we are going to see how we need to do that one.

First I will go into the guidelines. Then only you can be able to gain the information about what you want to do and which things you should avoid. Now we will see about the basic guidelines.

Basic Guidelines for Google My Business:

Business Name:

You should give only your business or Brand name. You should not include special characters like (Example: %&$@/”). You should not add your place or business keyword in that brand name.

Not Acceptable: AB Bank, World’s Most super Bank

Acceptable: Aravind’s Tea


In the address section you shouldn’t mention any “Bank ATM” name, “Garage Name”, Nearby “Temple”, Nearby “Shop” like that. If you have already mentioned like this in your address, then remove these things. Only give the exact physical location address to Google my Business Page.

Not Acceptable: “Bank ATM”, “Parking Garage”, “Near Temple” and “Near Shop”

Acceptable: “6” Main Road, Pooja Nagar south Extension, Madipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600092″

According to your country the address will change but make sure not to include the above mentioned in the Address.


Choose the exact business category name for your business. In case if your business comes under multiple categories then a maximum of three categories is allowed. Don’t choose more than that.

Store codes:

In your store codes, you may use numbers (Example: 1,2,3), Don’t use any numbers in the store codes. Instead of using the store codes you can use the exact location of the store where it is located.

Not acceptable: The Computer Store-1234

Acceptable: The Computer Store Mexico

Don’t use numbers and special characters in this Store Codes.


If you are having a trademark symbol for your business or brand, don’t use it in the Google Business Account. It should be followed, else they will suspend your account. So, make sure not to provide the Trademark in your business or brand while submitting it for Google my Business

Fully Capitalized Words or Unnecessary Spaces:

Don’t use full capital in your brand name, use small letters and don’t use unnecessary spaces as well.

Not acceptable: JASMINE FRUIT SHOP

Acceptable: Jasmine Fruit Shop

Your business page may have a chance to suspend because of this. Do follow this correctly.

Website URLs:

Don’t provide your sub-domain or Sub-directory, only you need to provide your main domain to get the Google business page to be approved.

Not” “” (Just for Example)” (Just for Example)

Reinstatement Request:

You can retrieve your website by using the below link:

You need to fill in all the required information for that. Once all the information is updated then you can submit your page in Google Business and wait for some days for the result.

If you are given an reinstatement request but you haven’t received any response from Google, then you can directly ask the Google help support to provide you with the answers for your concern. You can click the bottom link to redirect to that page.

How to give a Reinstatement Request? – Tutorial

Step:1 – Open Google Chrome and Click the link “ “, a new webpage will appear.

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Step:2 – They will ask you whether you have given a reinstatement request before. If you have already given, then click “Yes “else click “No“.

Step:3 – If you are doing it for the first time then click “No“. After this they will ask you a question like “Are you the official representative of the company, organization or account? Click “Yes

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Step:4 – They will ask you whether you have followed all the provided guidelines, Click “Yes

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Step:5 – They will ask whether the provided business location is permanent? Click “Yes

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Step:6 – It will ask you whether the provided address in the Google business page is proper? Click “Yes

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Step:7 – They will ask you whether you are providing the services only on the given location? Click “Yes


Step:8 – If your business is one to one interaction then click “Yes” else click “No

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Step:9 – Then it will ask like in the same location you are having multiple branches. This answer depends on you. If you are having multiple branches in same location give “Yes” else give “No

Step:10 – After filling all these, they will ask you to provide your name. Give your name in that dialog box. (Note: Don’t provide your business name) 

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Step:11 – Provide your Email address (in which your Google Business Account is linked provide that Email address in that tab.

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Step:12 – You must provide your exact business name, Address and business URL in the tab for them to verify your account.

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Step:13 – You should provide your valid phone number. You can provide the same number which you have provided to your business page, or you can submit another phone number as well.

Step:14 – You can provide additional information like what type of issue you are facing. After you explained in detail, they have provided you with the file attachment option. If you are having a GST or PAN card for your business, you can attach. Else you need to attach your store photos with banners. In that banner your business or brand name and address should be exactly matching.

Step:15 – Click “Submit“, once you are done your account will be sent to review.

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After you submitted your business page for reinstatement request. You will receive mail after 2 days regarding the status and in one week your status might be approved.


In this blog post you might have learnt about How to Fix the suspended/disabled Google my business page and resolve it. If you are really interested in doing business, then you are in the right place. Do check out our more blog posts for clear understanding. Thank You! Have a nice day!

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