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Hello everyone! In this blog post we are going to see about what is directory submission of SEO? And we are also going to see by submitting this directory how our website will improve in growing. Before knowing about directory submission of SEO we need to know about what a directory website is. This directory website is a normal website. But in this the websites will be organized in the categories. Example medical, construction, digital marketing, software companies, automobiles etc. Likewise they have listed websites in different categories. 

If you go normally and search on a website, you will find out that the person who did a good SEO on their website might rank organically well on top. You can see only them. the companies who give the best services also don’t list at the top of Google because of not having Good SEO construction on their websites.

But still if you want to see them you should navigate to go one, two, three to another pages, So that you can view only 10 sites in each page. But in this website they have segregated all the 1000+ websites for providing service in a separate category. This will be really helpful for your business to identify your competitors as well as to find useful information for your business. 

So if we list our website in this directory submission, if any user comes and visits that site they can have a chance to view our website. So that we can get a good amount of traffic for our website. Even Backlinks will be created for your website and your domain authorities will be increased. 

What is Directory submission? 

It is the process of submitting the website to a directory, which is the list of databases of websites organized by categories or subjects. By doing this directory submission your website will rank higher. And your domain authority will be increased.It is also an effective way for visibility in search results. Because if you are submitting your website to the high authority website then there will be a chance of increasing your backlinks. If the backlinks are improved you may get a good amount of traffic and good visibility in the search results. 

Benefits of directory submission:

1. It will help you to bring continuous and high traffic for your website.

2. By submitting our website to the authority domain, It will be considered as a permanent and     high quality backlinks.

3. Most relevant users will come to your website frequently.

4. It will increase your website authorities.

5. Over the period of time your website ranking will be improved.

List of Directory submission Sites:

Now we’ll see the Tutorial on How to do a directory submission for your website.

How to do a directory submission for your website: Step by Step Guide

Step:1 – Open a Google Chrome Browser and Type any one URL which is listed on the top in the URL box. (In our case for an example I will choose the website called info-listings.com)

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Step:2 – Click “Enter” you will be redirected to the directory submission page. 

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Step:3 – Click on “Submit Link” on that website. There are two sets of options, if you want to rank directly on their website then you should pay them 30 dollars for the lifetime. If not then you can use the free option but for the free option they will take at least of (3-4 months) to review your post and to display it on their website. It is completely based upon your wish, You can choose the best option you need.

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Step:4 – Fill the blog post “ Title “ you can get that from your blog post, even you can provide any title also but make sure it to be more unique and attractive for the audience. 

Step:5 – Enter the “URL” of the website and provide a short description about the content which you wrote on that blog post. You have 500 characteristics to provide your short description.

Step:6 – Enter your “Name” and “Email” Address and provide the correct category where your blog post falls under. And also Enter the provided “Captcha” code

Step:7 – Click in the check box “I agree with the submission rules” and then Click “Continue” to proceed further.

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Likewise you can try some other directory submission websites as well follow the same procedure and wait for some days to get approval from them. Once your website comes under their categories, you will get a good domain authority.

Different kinds of directory submission:

As we know that directory submission is a very useful trick to increase your backlinks for the website to get a good quality of traffic. But it is really important to know that there are different kinds of directory submission. There are totally 8 kinds of directory submission.

Free directory submission: Directory Submission is free and we cannot assure that your submission can be approved. It will take more time than usual depending on the admin of the website.

Standard reciprocal directory listing: This type of directory submission is Paid (annual Fee or sometime lifetime) When you submit your blog post for a submission, the directory admin will approve the content instantly. Since you paid them for an approval and instantly your website will get a backlink from them.

Automated submission of directories: Directory resources and applications can be used. But file manipulation attempts are not possible in directory submission. So be legal in what you are doing, 100% you will get a result.

Dofollow directory submission: If you are blogging, and interested in maximizing your blog then you need to understand about the search engine results page (SERP). Do-follow connections will help you to rank higher in google. When your site ranking is increasing, the search engine will come and visit our site then it will automatically boost your content.


In this blog post you might have learnt and got some good knowledge on What is directory submission? Benefits of directory submission and some directory submission websites. Do follow those methods to get a good amount of traffic for the website. I won’t tell you that you will be getting a ton of traffic in one day after reading this post and implementing the tricks. You need to follow it consistently to get a good result. Check out our recent blog post related to the business if you are an entrepreneur or business man then our blog post will help you a lot. Thank You ! Have a nice Day! 

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