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Hello everyone! In this blog post we are going to learn about the How to optimize schema markup for rich snippets to improve your SEO for the website. What is the use of schema markup and if we implement it in our website, what will be useful for us. And why it is necessary to rank well on Google. All this information we are going to see in this blog post.

What is Schema Markup?

The Schema markup is also called structured data, This we can call under two types one is Schema Markup optimization another one is structured data optimization. Both these things are the same. By doing this optimization, Search Engine can easily recognize our web page content and give us better search results in Google. This Schema script code will make your website content to easily convert it as an understandable code by the search results.

For this the process has been developed by the Schema.org script code. If you want to know more about this you can directly visit schema.org and get more information about that. Once you implement this schema code in your website, Search engines can understand easily and they will provide your web page results in the Google Search Engine like rich snippets.

On the below images you can find some rich examples of snippets.

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All the top images are called as the feature snippets. In the bottom you can see who the manufacturer is and in which websites we can get these products so much information will be provided in this feature snippets.

Then in Top stories they will provide the information like what recently talks going about that website and so on.

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Like this your website also should appear in the search results, then you should implement the schema markup in your website. Likewise there are many feature snippets available.

Structured Data Format:

Now we will see about the structured data format. This structured data is classified into three different types.

  1. JSON-LD: It is the Google recommended file format. This is also called the script file. This one we can use in our meta section itself. Like how we use Title, description and robot tags like that we can use this JSON-LD. This script file also we can use in the header section. It is a very easy and safer method as well.
  1. RDFa: This is used directly in the body format of the website.If you are a programmer then you can prefer this method. But this method will not be helpful for the person who doesn’t know anything about programming and coding. Today in this blog post we are going to implement the JSON-LD format which will be useful for everyone.
  1. Microdata: It highlights items and values on a page within itemtype and itemprop HTML attributes.

Type of Rich Snippets:

In this Google search results normally we get Title, description and site URL only these three will be applicable. Beyond this if any added item appeared then it is because of the rich snippets. These Rich snippets are classified in five different categories.

Local Business Features:

  1. Branded knowledge graph
  2. Map Pack
  3. Similar Places List

Media Features:

  1. Image pack
  2. Video
  3. Top stories
  4. Tweet
  5. App ranking
  6. Job posting

Knowledge Features

  1. Answer Box
  2. Knowledge graph
  3. Featured snippet
  1. Adwords (Top & Bottom)
  2. Shop in Google
  3. Flights

Vertical Organic Results:

  1. Star rating – Product, Review, Recipe
  2. Product, Price
  3. Event
  4. Sitelinks
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. Search Box
  7. Top Carousel
  8. Related Searches
  9. People also ask

So if you are going to work in SEO, you mainly need to focus on the Vertical Organic Results. Because here we can find out the mostly used structured data, all the above will come under the vertical organic results. If you want to study in detail about all the schema markup that I have mentioned here then you need to go to a website called Schema.org, there they will provide you with the complete tutorial for all the schema markups. Will show you How the Schema website will look like.

y5lz3UZGQn 3NeJ D30LMofPYKDYtwVWAUpve3BQjCG LunKDmFd0avaveiV4kPtmXY yJyKnT9D HoIEYFsyJ Y2fTIu t4FTZJmeM6l2 Fm8BmF9gJK7425vU2BDuS9OdIdKV0hCrjIAWX7 neNw
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Structured Data Testing Tools:

In Google they have provided the tool for testing the structured data. You can find the links below for those testing tools:


Before implementing the schema in your website, if you need to validate that particular schema then you can click on the below link to validate and provide the results. You can put your code directly and you can validate.


Schema Generator Tools:

By using the free tools in Google, you can develop the schema code for your website.

  1. https://webcode.tools/generators/structured-data/
  2. https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/

Tutorials – How to get the Schema Markup code for the website:

Step:1 – Open the Google Chrome and Click on the provided link “ https://webcode.tools/generators/structured-data/ “ and you will be redirected to the respective website.

LApWA9rddeeKYniQhd1fts35cUvaBvggT9LrL tN5EL Bp3BfXhEICn0tTop wWOCXgCjTI bGagIR8jO49FqSBuMFYhcekMGDhs2Ze 4ViHDXwacc8JiFPeXt CqR6QSNFRv0v5JiGtYXTJGmyUEls

Step:2 – You can click the any option and create your own schema markup code. Today we are going to see how to get the start rating code. Scroll down and click on the “Products

3kSZaNgVob6F1RcYfOwM2M ND3zydMMt6iR1srJNq9iCwiYGO yMlfivCR0UpkcQaTJOdDYQaYnb3AYTsQSSKfp5fOW7Qoo3tsoa FEymXspDWGGpNn5NIpedvUuUfEuAn6KWuq0USfP3drJUOvGRk

Step:3 – After clicking the “Products” you will be redirected to the above page. Then provide all the necessary information like your “name”, “Brand Name”, “Image URL” etc. 

Step:4 – After providing all the required data, you need to copy the provided code on the right side and go to the schema validator Tool for doing validation.

5WjqsZ0qV8Z1s NSfXCuKmJOh02V9N Y8TBk23GgND8TDSvVqnMeXKQUBDTOBDEAqo k80 ZCOt7Kgp iiFktuvd 1gqbtswnw3VTqmUi3tnv400QgiaE36oLXLB82aI2SDtVUaNTmfwPjFNkjKebQQ
dhIRh k2UbB3w9CBtLdy Ol3IE1SAB8LcldILM2Ew 8OMAhQgkq0ClKVGuatuphPpCVvsGpanJjBvG95YOoWcL0HO iMMKHrpEt5ZeQdJnrZ YClC4Lgxe NRr0OGPoQNKjyLYmJeR dhuzRFSVYjg

Provide the copied code in that validator tool to validate before implementing in your web page content. After validating if you want to check your code is running perfectly then you can check this in google provided tool called “Rich-Results

MAGp9h XFNssdUMw2HbWJv2WwSlpAOKmvFauXEmVQCvRhG ykaDXzsJY0nLe4IOIsnMJh4 SNEsOs2WWI7cseU 7dnvvaHWUloH2r7S

After validating your code, you can place this code in your web page under your header text- It is important to make your rich snippets appear on Google Search Results.


In this blog post, you have learnt about the How to optimize schema markup for rich snippets to improve your SEO for the website. If you are interested in doing a business, then you are in the right place. Here you can see the varieties of posts regarding the business articles, which will be helpful for you. Do check out our blog post. Thank You ! Have a Good day !

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