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In this blog post we are going to see about the Google Search Partners & Google Display Network. If you take Google Ads two networks are available, one is Google Search Partner and another one is Google Display Network. These two are different networks. If you want to run Google Ads, you need to find the right audience for that and make it useful for your business. Come let’s jump into the topic one by one.

What is Google Search Partner?

If you select a Google Search Partner and runs the campaign, your ads will run on Google and other Google related products it will appear below their searches like for example if you take google search result on top 4 and bottom 4 you can find it out as an Ads of some website who runs the ads campaign. By using this feature, you can use Google search results and we can show our ads on other websites as well. But unfortunately, Google has not published any authorized website list where they will show our ads. So, we cannot know who all the active authorized websites in Google are.

Where Ads show on Google Search Partner?

Search Engines: First mainly it will appear on the search engines like:, and etc. All these mentioned search engines are partners of the Google Search Partners so if you run ads campaigns in Google, your ads will show in their search engine. And there may be lots of chances for you to get a good amount of traffic if any viewers search your keyword, your website will display to the audience.

Google Sites and products: Your ads may appear in the Google sites and products like Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Images, You-tube and Google Groups (Google Groups means- Other Services in Google)

Search results and product pages on partner sites: For example, Amazon, Walmart, Target and in other partners websites google can show your ads, if any audience use your relevant keywords there in that product pages. For Example: If you have an e-commerce website, if you are struggling in getting the number of sales you can run ads on Google and so that they will show your website post to the audience who are interested. By this way you can increase your sales on your e-commerce site.

Now you might have understood about what is Google Search Partner and where Ads show on Google Search partner.

What is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is shortly called “GDN”. This is a complete advertising network. In this there are more than 600,000 Applications and over 3 million sites. All these counts have over 90% of Internet users. How Google has 3 million active sites everyone will think it means basically in Google, many blogger websites and News websites are there. In that many ads will be displayed. Those 3 million sites are involved in the Google AdSense program, and they are eligible users for displaying their ads on their website. So, Google will display our ads in their respective websites and by that way also we can generate traffic. 

Some revenue will be generated by that website owner by displaying the ads on the website. Google can show any ads on their websites since they have complete access to show ads for them. Due to the huge audience with Google, you can target the correct audience and get the good number of visitors for your website. In this way your business conversion can improve more. Where Ads show on Google Display Network?

Image Ads: This type of ads can be either in the format of HTML5 files or images. And this ad can be both static and in the dynamic format.

Gmail Ads: In all our Gmail we might have seen in the promotion tab there will be so much of ads displayed that ads are run by google ads campaign.

Engagement Ads: This type of ads can be run in the format of video or image ads. For example, if you are watching a You-Tube video, you will be getting ads in between the video or side ads will pop up those ads and across the whole display network is called the engagement ads.

Responsive Display Ads: This type of ads will allow you to add your logos, text and images in one ad. This type of ads is very easy to make, and it will require only less manual optimization. This is called responsive display ads.

On our website we have provided detailed content about the bidding process. If you want to know more about google bidding, you can go through this article → Mastering Google Ads Bidding: Top-1 Strategy Free

This is the continuation of the previous blog where we discussed mastering google bidding – Top strategies for maximizing Ad Campaigns. 

Step:1 – Please check the previous blog post on our website named “Mastering Google Ads Bidding”. Follow the steps until 7th.

Step:2 – The Click “Next”, You will be redirected to the campaign settings. In the network section default two ticket marks will be selected on “Search Network” and “Display Network”. If you want to run your ad more broadly you can keep these 2 tick marks as it is. But if you want your ads to be appear in the only search results then take out these 2 tick marks

Now you will get a doubt like if we uncheck in the search network box, Will our ads appear on Google Search results? Don’t worry it will appear in the Google Search result. Then what is meant by “Search Network” is nothing but the persons who all are there in Google partner program. Else if you want your ads to be run on display network, then you can check in that “Display Network” box and you can run your responsive ads on that.

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Mainly you should decide where you want to display your ads, then you need to proceed further for another step.


Thank you for reading this complete blog post. Hope you might have got some knowledge about the what is google ads search network and display network. Do check out our blog post on our website which will be helpful and useful for you to promote and grow your business to a higher level.

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