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Hello everyone! In this blog post we are going to see how to set up google search console for SEO to improve our websites. This Google Search Console tool is also called the “Webmaster Tool”. Why we must integrate this webmaster tool in our website is you can see how many traffics received for your website from this webmaster tool and how many clicks received.

While searching in google for your website how many times it has appeared in the search results can be seen through Google Search Console for SEO Tool. Many things like CTR, Average position of your website, all these things can be viewed with the help of Google webmaster Tool. For this basically you need to verify your owner’s authority for this tool.

What is Google Search Console?

It is a free Tool which is offered by Google. By using this Google Search console, we can monitor our website in a consistent manner. It also helps to maintain the website in good quality and if there are any errors in our website we can troubleshoot as well.

And we can check if our website is indexed on Google or not. If it is not indexed, then we can submit our page URL and we can make them indexed. If there is any issue related to searching, this tool automatically updates you through mail regarding what type of error you get from that.

Benefits of using Google Search Console for SEO:

  •  It will fix the indexing problem and we can request re-indexing of the website as well. You can also identify the highest traffic pages in your website.
  • You can monitor your impression for different time periods. Which will give you a clear idea how many search impressions have been provided for your website by Google in search results.
  • Identifying the highest Traffic queries. If you are a digital marketing content creator and using digital marketing as a keyword in your website, we can check how many digital content viewers searched and clicked your website post can be checked with the help of the Google Search Console.
  • We can compare our site for Search performance across different countries. For Example: In your native location how many search appearances you get and, in our countries, how many visitors or search clicks you get can also be viewed with the help of Google Webmaster Tool.
  • We can see which page is not indexed and why it is not indexed? We can say that, if we regularly post content on our website all the time, we cannot say that our post will appear in the search results. It will throw some issues or something that needs to be fixed. In that case we can get help from the Google Search Console to identify what type of issue it is and why it has not been indexed. They will provide you with a proper guidance of what error you made in that. We can check and rectify to make our website appear on the search results.
  • Identifying the mobile usability issue. If your website is completely Mobile Friendly, you won’t receive this type of error. In some websites there will be some pages which don’t come under mobile friendly for those cases it will throw an error. So, we can easily check with that and make it resolved.

For your website you can check how many total backlinks there are for your site and you can see from where you get more traffic through these backlinks.

How to insert Google Search Console code in our website?

Step:1 – You should need a basic Gmail account. If you don’t have one, create a Gmail account before following up the below steps.

Step: 2 – Type “Google Search Console “in Google Search. You will find our one URL “Google Search Console Tools”

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Step:3 – Click that link. You will be redirected to the Google Search Console landing page. You can find out this wording in that website like “Improve your performance on Google Search”. Click Start now option

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Step:4 – Now you need to select the property type whether it is domain or URL prefix. The first option is-DOMAIN (If you are registering the domain, you must enter your domain name in that tab and need to be verified; this is also applicable for your sub-domain you should add all the domain in on DNS server and then need to proceed this)

In the next case if you have only one website you need to verify your website, then you can straightway go to the “URL PREFIX” option. Will see how we can verify the domain first.

Step:5 – Copy the website URL, which you need to enter in domain Tab. In that tab just give your website name with the extension code (For example: .com, .in etc). Don’t give “www” in the prefix.

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Step:6 – Click Continue, it will check and verify your website. A pop-up tab (Verify domain Ownership via DNS record) will appear. In the instructions for choosing the dropdown and provide your hosting provider name in that dropdown. If you click “start verification” it will redirect to your hosting provider website. It will ask you to login for verifying your domain ownership through DNS Once you logged in, your domain ownership will be verified through the DNS records.

It will take some time. If you don’t want to provide your hosting provider in that instruction then choose “Any DNS provider” You will get a TXT-Google verification Code. You can copy that text and link manually in your DNS record. In both these ways you can verify your domain authority. 

Verifying the domain directly without DNS record

Step:1 – Follow the above until 4 steps. Copy your website URL and paste it in the URL prefix tab. Please make sure that your website should be in Live, Since if you already linked your website with Google Analytics. Just by providing the URL in that URL prefix tab you can be able to verify your domain easily. It won’t take much time to verify your domain. A pop-up message will be received like “Ownership Auto verified”.

Step:2 – Click “Go-to-property”. You will be redirected to the main Google Search Console dashboard


Thank you for reading the complete blog post. Hope this post gives you some ideas on How to set up Google Search Console on improving SEO. Do check out more posts on our website which can be helpful and useful to You!

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