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In this blog post we are going to see more details about How to remove outdated content from Google Search Results? You know to whom this technique will be very helpful? in case you have redesigned your website, deleted the unwanted pages from the website for all those results will appear in the search results unless you take any steps to delete them from search results. If someone clicks that link they will receive “404 error” to avoid this you can use many tools which will be helpful in removing the unwanted pages or posts from the search results.

In case in your website if you are using a copyright image and if that appears in the google search results which will cause will in big trouble. To remove that image you can use Google’s remove outdated tool which will be very useful. This entire process we are going to do in Google Search Console.

Remove Outdated Tool:

Google has provided us this free tool called “Remove Outdated Content”. For some instance you can block your page from visitors for some certain period. I will help to disappear your content from the search results, and you can modify the content or post. Once you give the removal request in Google up-to three weeks they will take. Google Search Console has not provided the exact timeline for this. It will take around 1 or 2 days or it can be a week as well.

Request Statuses in Google Remove Outdated Tool:

There are totally 5 statuses, and the list are:

1. Pending: Once you have pasted your website page or post in the respective tab. You will get the pop-up message regarding the “Request is currently being processed “and, they will display the message like “It will take a few days to complete

2. Approved: This type of change will come after the “Pending”. And the message will pop-up like “The request for update has been updated and approved” and if you search that keyword in Google Search results it should be shown in the Search results.

3. Denied: In some cases, there is some opportunity to deny your request as well it depends upon the google.

4. Expired: For Example – you have given the removal request, but you might have deleted the page from the web server. So, in that case they might have accepted the removal request but the page was not available on your server. They will consider this as an expiration date.

5. Canceled: Next comes the cancel stage, if the site owner itself cancels their given request this status will be displayed in the search console. So, if you are giving the new request, it will be in the pending mode for up to 3 weeks.

By using Google Search Console, we can remove content in two different methods. You can directly go into Google Search Console where you can find the “Removal” option, with the help of that you can remove the outdated content and page website results. In case you are planning to remove any image from the Google Search results from your page results. Then you can use the below provided link to remove:

Search Console Link:

Tutorial to remove the Outdated Content from google search results:

Step:1 – Open the Google Chrome and Search “Google Search Console “page.

Step:2 – On the left side you can find out indexing open that dropdown, below you can find out the options called “Removals”

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Step:3 – Now it redirects to the page called “Temporary removals”. In temporary removals on the right side, you can find out the option called “New Request” click that option.

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Step:4 – Which URL you don’t want to appear in the Google Search Result, drop that link in the ENTER URL box. Copy and paste the link which you need to remove from search results.

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Step:5 – Click “Next” as we already mentioned in the blog that this removal is only 6 months. Now Click the “SUBMIT REQUEST”.

Step:6 – Now your request has been submitted successfully. If you see the type, it will show as “Temporary removal” in status it is showing as “Processing request”

If you follow the above-mentioned procedure, you can easily remove the outdated content from the google search results.

Tutorial to remove the images from Google Search results:

Step:1 – Open the Google Chrome and Search the provided link “Search Console Link:
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Step:2 – One page will be displayed there you can find out the option called ” New Request “click that option.

Step:3 – In that new request tab they have provided two different options one is “Page” and another one is “images”.

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Step:4 – This page removal we have already seen in the google search console. If you want you can provide your page link here itself and you can remove the request. Now we can click another tab “Images”

Step:5 – In that “ENTER URL” box provide the URL of the image which you want to remove from the search results.

Step:6 – In Google Search your website and Go to “images” there you can find more images from your website. Click any image which you want to remove from the search results.

Step:7 – Right Click on the image and copy the image Link.

Step:8 – After copying the image link now go to the dashboard and paste the link which you copied from the image. Now you need to provide the page link where this image is associated. Go to your website and check where this image is appearing. And copy the landing page URL of that page.

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Step:9 – Now page the URL in the second TAB below the image URL.

Step:10 – Click “SUBMIT” now your outdated image will be removed from the Google Search Results. By using these two methods you can be able to remove the unwanted page results and image from the Google search results.


I am sure that you have learnt in this tutorial how to remove the outdated content from the Google page results. Hope this blog post helps you a lot. Do check out our most recent blog post on our website for the best quality content which will really be helpful for you. Thank You! Have a Nice day!

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